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Blum Law Firm Overview

Blum Law Firm is committed to finding business-oriented solutions to clients’ problems. The firm’s goal is to obtain exemplary results for each client’s unique situation. The formula for achieving this is hard work and tailoring solutions to meet each client’s specific litigation needs.

The best and most cost-effective solutions are usually found outside the courtroom.

New York and California Law Firm Services

Blum Law Firm represents both high tech and brick-and-mortar companies in connection with complex business litigation. In addition, the firm represents a wide variety of artists, producers, managers, entrepreneurs, business executives, and professionals in various legal matters.

Rarely does anyone prefer litigation, but when it is necessary, only the most zealous advocacy will do.


The Blum Law Firm Advantage

Blum Law Firm provides high quality zealous legal representation expected of a large firm. While, at the same time, the firm is often able to reduce the legal fees and expenses that a client would incur if the client was working with a larger firm.

Let’s Get In Touch

Whether a legal dispute is in an early stage, in litigation, or in the post-trial phase, the Blum Law Firm offers fresh and innovative approaches to help clients find solutions to their legal problems.


Los Angeles | New York City

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