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Employment Litigation

Employment litigation

Employment contracts, confidentiality covenants and compensation terms may all give rise to employment litigation if one party breaches the contract. Victims of discrimination, whether it involves race, sex, national origin, religion, or sexual harassment, may seek legal redress for their injuries.


Employment Contract Litigation


A variety of federal and state laws govern the employer-employee relationship. The Blum Law Firm helps businesses and executives with their employment law and employment contract issues.

It is common for businesses and top-level executives or key employees with access to confidential information to have in place contracts that outline the terms of employment. Some of the most common employment contracts cover:

·         Compensation packages detailing salary, bonuses and stock options as well as the events and company targets that may trigger the right of an employee to additional compensation.

·         Job duties that outline the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the business including confidentiality agreements.

When an employment contract is breached, it may be necessary for the employer or the employee to take legal action. The firm represents executives and key employees who have not received compensation they are owed. The firm also represents businesses that have had executives violate employment contracts or attempt to provide trade secrets or confidential information to competitors.


Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Litigation


Federal, state and sometimes even local laws explicitly prohibit discrimination in the workplace. Several types of discrimination in employment are barred by law including discrimination based on race, sex, age and disability.

At the Blum Law Firm, we assist individuals who have been the victims of discrimination. The firm believes that when it comes to protecting clients’ rights, aggressive lawyers, who doggedly pursue their clients’ interests, obtain the best results.

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The attorneys at the Blum Law Firm work tirelessly on behalf of clients, and are experienced in the area of employment law. To learn more about how to protect your legal rights, contact the firm by calling 310-620-7172 or 212-920-5858 or by filling out the online contact form.

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Whether a legal dispute is in an early stage, in litigation, or in the post-trial phase, the Blum Law Firm offers fresh and innovative approaches to help clients find solutions to their legal problems.


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