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The Blum Law Firm’s Practice Area Overview

Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Cannabis Law, Cyber Law, Business and Employment Litigation Attorneys

The Blum Law Firm brings fresh and innovative thinking, legal advice, and aggressive representation in the following practice areas:

Business disputes typically involve contractual claims, torts such as interference with contract and… (Read more)

Cannabis legalization has sparked a new and exciting industry. It is imperative that entrepreneurs… (Read more)

Employment contracts, confidentiality covenants and compensation terms may all give rise to employment law… (Read more)

Disputes within the entertainment industry may involve a variety of legal claims, including breach of contract… (Read more)

The owners of intangible assets such as works of art, scripts, recordings and trademarks have the… (Read more)

In the Internet Age, defending one’s reputation and preserving free speech rights is critical. The First… (Read more)



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Whether a legal dispute is in an early stage, in litigation, or in the post-trial phase, the Blum Law Firm offers fresh and innovative approaches to help clients find solutions to their legal problems.


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